19 Ways To Declutter Your Digital Life

After discovering The Minimalist Game last year and having a blast cleaning out the physical things in my life, it got me thinking about other clutter.  The biggest being my digital clutter. I love connecting with people and building relationships and finding inspiration online.  But, I’m also noticing a constant sense of overwhelming…I can never seem … More 19 Ways To Declutter Your Digital Life

Waiting For A Promise

Have you ever received a promise from God, and then wait….and wait….and wait to see it come to reality?  Maybe you’re still waiting.  Maybe you’ve received your promise but haven’t realized it yet.  Maybe you’re already rejoicing in the gift of His promise.  Whatever your situation, sometimes it’s hard to remember that God always delivers … More Waiting For A Promise

September Favorites

Is it really October already?  Wow, September really flew by.  It was still hot here, so most of the days were spent indoors, but now…now, it’s finally cooling down!  Now, it’s finally feeling like fall.  And fall is my favorite!!! For someone who is trying to be more present, I sure can’t remember much of … More September Favorites

August Favorites

To simplify things all around a bit more, I decided to make a monthly favorites list instead of a weekly one….which wasn’t happening anyways.  So, here is a quick list of what I’ve been enjoying in August…. I’ve been daydreaming of a kitchen remodel, for when we expand our house a tiny bit.  These funny prints from … More August Favorites