spending time with the mom and the sis
spending time with the mom and the sis

I’m so lucky.

Lucky that my wonderful husband sees how important time with my mom and sister mean to me.  So much so, that after a recent visit from her, he determined that I needed to make it out to visit her at least once a year.

So when my mom booked her tickets during our South Carolina blizzard of 2014, of course I needed to as well!  We bought our tickets for Colorado to come out and celebrate her big birthday.

We get into all kinds of trouble when we’re together.  From making the tastiest of recipes that we normally wouldn’t, to contemplating getting tattoos, to hosting a party and hanging out with old friends and new family, to introducing my sis to her first roller derby bout, to making fun craftiness to help decorate her cute house.

One of the best parts of this trip though is the relaxation…we casually wake up, sip our coffee while browsing magazines and watching HGTV.  No agendas.  No pressure to get anything done during the day.  It’s been great to just do nothing.

Getting away from the norm, relaxing, seeing new things, and tasting new dishes.  It’s good for the soul.  I definitely needed this time to refresh.

In the past year or two, I’ve realized just how important it is for me to get time away and refresh.  Last year I was able to tag along with my hubby on some business trips and just hang out in the hotel room while he was away during the day.  Those were great trips, but a different kind of refreshing.  On those, I was intentionally seeking solitude and silence.  I focused most of my days journaling and reading my bible.

In a crazy, full life that can be a little hectic at times, it’s important for me to find these ways to recharge.  And I’m lucky I have a husband who encourages me to be intentional with these times.  Thanks babe!


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