Quiet Refreshment

I was not anticipating such a long break in between this and my last post.  I was expecting to come back from an exciting trip to Denver with my mom to visit my sister, and have lots and lots of fun stories, and great adventures to share.  And when I didn’t, I wasn’t really sure what to write.

lounging with the pups
lounging with the pups

Don’t get me wrong, the trip out to Colorado was WONDERFUL, it was just not what I was expecting.  It was better!  What did we do that was so great?  Nothing – most of the time, we just relaxed, lounged with her three rat terriers, flipped through magazines, watched some TV, and chatted.  It was amazing.

See about three days before I left town, my husband and I had made a really big decision, and my head was still kind of reeling.  So even though I wasn’t aware of it, it is what I truly needed on this vacation.  And I got to spend it with two of my favorite people…my mom, and my sister.

I was so relaxed and refreshed after my trip that I downloaded a book and finished it within a matter of days.  And it was perfect timing for me to read.  It was called Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams Into New Beginnings by Sheridan Voysey.  It’s helped me start to get a new outlook on some things after my refreshing vacation – both have been kind of like a jump-start to my heart.

“It’s about broken dreams, tested faith, and the need for a new beginning.  It’s about taking a risk and starting again.  It’s about holding on to God when you don’t understand him.  I think many could benefit from reading about that.” – about Resurrection Year.

I’ll share more about what I read soon.  But for now, I am enjoying this time of quiet reflecting refreshment.  And as summer draws near, and life slows down a little bit – at least that’s how I’ve found it to be since moving to the South – I look forward to more quiet refreshment.

I’ve known before that I need times to refresh, and usually those look like time alone from everyone, just reading and journaling.  It’s nice to find something different that also works for me.

What are some ways that you refresh?


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