Mondays Menagerie {9}

A weekly wrap up of all the random things I’ve been enjoying this past week.  Things I love, or learned something from, things I think others might enjoy too.  I hope you appreciate them as well…and so, here are my weekly top 5 favorite things:

Weekly Top 5 Favorite Things
Weekly Top 5 Favorite Things

1.   did a podcast interview with @AhnaHendrix (here) about taking care of YOU.  Which was a great reminder as I head into the fall – my busiest season of the year.  But one of my favorite parts was just before the interview, where Dave suggested a really great way to use Pinterest to start a conversation with your church community and local restaurants.

2. This quote:


3. Which brings me to this great one from DerbyTastic, about why I love roller derby:  “Roller derby isn’t about skating. That is its primary medium, but it’s actually about other things. Learning not to be scared. Trusting yourself. Getting over your lifetime of hang ups. Learning that the worst things that can happen to you—violence, falling, getting hurt—are things you can handle so that, outside of the controlled spaces where you expect these things to happen, you become less afraid of the uncontrolled. You learn to protect yourself. You learn to recognize bad people, bad places, bad situations, and learn how to go around them, through them, beyond them.”

4. Another quote I found this week…this time, for me anyways, it’s about starting our little family: “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” (Saw it here on Joss & Main)  Which was fitting this week as our plans had to change for our 10 year anniversary celebration so that we could get the adoption process rollin’.

5. Finally, due to our change in plans, we will now be visiting Savannah for the first time ever and I’m SO EXCITED!  I’ve been wanting to go ever since we moved to the south, and now we finally have our chance.  So I’m geeking out on all kinds of travel tips for the beautiful city.  But one of my first go-to places is always Design Sponge with @GraceBonney.  I can’t wait to check out some of her tips (here).


2 thoughts on “Mondays Menagerie {9}

  1. Erica, I LOVED your number 2 quote. Absolutely amazing… and… okay, I didn’t realize you were adopting! Do you have a post sharing your story about the process/journey? Thanks for the encouraging post!

    1. Thanks! I don’t have too much written specifically about adoption yet, because we’re just getting started. I’d say, if you want to know more about our story so far, to read The Wound Mattered, or the 3 part series Rivers In The Desert, or my latest about our decision to adopt called Streams of Consciousness. (PS: I’m excited to hear more about this Twitter training you’re working on.)

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