Sorry, My Bitterness Was Showing

We just turned in our formal application for adoption.  It’s been an emotional roller coaster these last few years.  And within the last five days, I’ve have several unrelated conversations with people who mentioned they have noticed a difference in me lately.  I’m not as stressed or irratable as I have been.  They can see a glimpse of my old happier self.  I’m sorry I’ve been such a B. Although there is no excuse for allowing the crazy bitterness to settle in and overtake my personality.

This quick list of 15 reasons I’m glad we’re finished with infertility treatments can give you a look into the nightmare we’ve been living with for the last five years.  And hopefully, you’ll give me a little grace.

Infertility Makes Me Crazy

1. I can drink coffee again with my morning quiet times.

2. I don’t have to remember to pee on a stick every morning – making infertility the first thing I think about each day.

3. I don’t have to keep a log of my pee sticks, temperature, moods, cycle day, medication, doctor visits, etc.

4. I can have a deli sandwich without heating it up first.

5. I don’t have to have my blood drawn multiple times a month.

6. I can enjoy our hot tub again.

7. I don’t have to plan a vacation around cycle days.

8. I’m not on a first name basis anymore with my RE.

9. I can have a glass of wine with dinner if I want.

10. I don’t have other people telling me when is the best time to have sex with my husband.

11.  I can have a spoonful of that raw cookie dough when I’m making a batch of homemade goodies for John.

12. I don’t have to wake up at 4:45 am, to drive an hour and a half to the doctors and back, in time to still make it to work.

13. My great husband doesn’t have to give me any more shots.

14. I don’t have a drug induced mood swing every five minutes.

15. I don’t get pissed off and want to run away in tears every time I see a pregnant lady.

Did I mention I can drink coffee again?


3 thoughts on “Sorry, My Bitterness Was Showing

  1. Sweet, sweet coffee. 🙂 Thanks for your post, my friend! I am beyond happy for you guys on this leg of your journey and will be praying. I miss you!

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