Mondays Menagerie {10}

So, I’ve taken a little break on writing some posts…it wasn’t really a planned break, it just happened.  Life got in the way.  For me the beginning of fall is so busy, as things begin to ramp back up at work.  And we’ve been digging into more and more adoption stuff, which takes time.  Then I had a wonderful visit from a friend.  Plus, I’ve felt kind of a writers block.  I’ve wanted to write, but haven’t really had anything meaningful to write about….even in my journal, it’s fairly quiet.  I’ve been reading a lot, and to help me get back into the swing of writing again, I thought I’d start with sharing some of the things I’ve been reading and enjoying…my usual Monday post.

Each Monday I do a weekly wrap up of all the random things I’ve been enjoying this past week.  Things I loved, or learned something from, things I think you might enjoy too.  I hope you appreciate them as well…and so, here are my weekly top 5 favorite things:

Weekly Top 5 Favorite Things
Weekly Top 5 Favorite Things

1. This ink beauty by Emilee Rudd, it’s gorgeous!  I am really in awe of the ink work on her Instagram feed.  View original instagram

2. Parenting Doesn’t Get Easier. But We Can Go Easy on Other Parents by Kristin at  A great post about passing judgement on other parents/people. We’ve all been there, don’t deny it.  As we begin this journey to adoption, and I read the stories about children in foster care I realize my parenting is going to have to look different than I originally thought it would.  And there will probably be times where I would have done things differently if they were my biological children, maybe that’s wrong, but I can see times in my future where people will probably look at me like I’m doing it wrong.  But my favorite quote from the post was: “I may not do things the way you do them, but I do it my way for a reason. And that doesn’t make me wrong.”  That is so freeing.

3. It’s the fall, so of course one of my favorite things happening right now is college football.  I miss the smell of the campus in the fall, I love the energy you can feel in the air. I don’t miss the traffic, and getting stuck either at my apartment or away from it for all of game day.  And I love how, even in South Carolina we can get a hardy IO for my OH.  You can feel some of the energy of the fall here.

4. I LOVE the fact that our student ministry baptized 30 people at the beach this weekend!  What amazing life change is happening each Labor Day Weekend, year after year, and they just keep getting better!

5. And finally, the fun part of adopting…planning out the nursery.  All throughout our marriage, John and I have said that it’s always an adventure when we’re together.  And at each new twist in our path together, there is an adventure.  When life doesn’t happen the way we plan, it’s an adventure.  This journey finding our baby that God has for us, it is definitely an adventure.  And so, it’s pretty obvious what our theme should be for our little one…adventure!  And I love this collection mood board, it’s helping us get started on our nursery.


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