Decreasing My Comfort Zone

I was reading through some of John 4 and realized Samaria reminds me of the United States.  The Samaritans believed in the first five books of the bible, it was a part of their foundation.  Our country was founded on biblical principles, and you can still find those influencing a lot of even non-Christian culture today.  Most people (in the US) have some type of knowledge about Christ and/or Christianity and a lot choose to ignore Him, and chase after other pleasures.

Often as Christians we try to avoid those who do not agree with our point of view or “standards” just like the Jewish people avoided the Samaritans back in Jesus’ time.  We avoid people who are outside of our comfort zone.  Yet, Jesus said He “had” to travel through Samaria.  His traveling buddies must have thought He had lost His mind. But Jesus had His reasons.

He often calls us to do something we don’t understand, to talk to someone we don’t know or feel comfortable with, or to do something that is out of our comfort zone.  It’s in these places where we have to depend on Him more, and ourselves less.  And it’s in these places where He is able to do the most through us.  And sometimes we don’t see His reasons in our lives until later, and sometimes we never see or understand why He asks us to do things. Yet, He asks us to trust Him anyways, and share His love with others.

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.
Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.

That is why, recently, one song that has really been calling out to my heart is Oceans, by Hillsong.   I love the bridge: “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.”  I love it so much so, that I spent hours on a hand lettering project, just pondering these words over and over in my head.  It’s not perfect, and I know it probably seems like everyone is doing lettering these days…but this was just a fun creative outlet for me.  Each time I hear this song, I focus in on this line, wondering where the Spirit is leading me now.

I pray Lord, that you would please show me where You would have me go and share Your love.  Show me where my comfort zones lie, and help me step outside of them to follow hard after You.


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