Less Hustle

#lessHUSTLERecently I’ve been pondering the idea of #HUSTLE.  I’ve seen it around more and more.  It’s usually seen as a positive thing.  And usually, when someone is talking about it, they use the term: side hustle.  Meaning…something they do on the side of their “real” job.  This #HUSTLE is usually a passion they have, that they’d love to make a career out of, and leave their current “real” job.  It is something that takes passion and drive to pursue, because you are working on it like a full time job, in addition to your other full time job and other life responsibilities.  It’s doing more, working harder, going farther, just going-going-going.

After listening to podcasts, reading blog posts and seeing some amazing artwork on Instagram in tribute to the hustle, I was starting to believe it was a good thing.  And while there is an aspect of the whole concept that I do love…work hard on what you love, there was part of me that was rebelling.  Something about the #HUSTLE just didn’t sit right with me.

And one morning, while I was enjoying a few quiet moments it hit me, what I need is not #HUSTLE, but #lessHUSTLE.  I need less items on my calendar, less commitments I need to fulfill, less stuff.  I long to simplify…everything.

I need more time to do what’s important now, not be stuck in the yeses of yesterday that I was too scared to say no to.

Then, later I was listening to a podcast with Ann Voskamp, which led me to her blog, where I found a beautiful quote that I needed more than I realized…I wrote it down, but ended up ignoring it anyways.  She was talking about how life gets crazy and chaotic, and everyone just gets louder and louder.  Days are just filled with noise.  And how, the only way to combat the noise is to whisper.  What!?!  Yep, she said, “whisper, when everyone yells, no one can hear.”

That resonated so much with me.  And I needed to hear it so badly.  But what did I do?  Later that day, when I was feeling frustrated and not heard and not valued, I began yelling.  Not at anyone in particular…just talking much, much louder than my normal voice.  Feeling pushed aside, I pushed others away with my angry tones.  Even when others offered to help, I pushed them away and said it was no use.  What happened to that whisper I had just learned about?  It had been eaten up in the #HUSTLE of life.

I don’t want to have my mood effected so quickly like that.  I don’t want more #HUSTLE.  I want to enjoy my time with others, enjoy the beauty of the day, spend quality and quantity of time and energy focusing not on what else I have to get done that day, but what I’m doing right now and who I’m with.  I want #lessHUSTLE.

If you could give up one thing to have #lessHUSTLE, maybe even a good, worthy, “Yes” that you’ve committed to, what would that be?


2 thoughts on “Less Hustle

  1. I totally agree! I am always trying to simplify something! Get rid of something. Cut something out that isn’t important. Free up some space in my brain clutter 🙂 I have followed Ann’s blog for forever! If you haven’t read her book, I think you would like it. It’s very encouraging. Robert even loved it 😉 Best wishes on simplifying! May the peace of Jesus fill your heart 🙂 -Krystle

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