‘Tis the Season

It’s almost that time of year when mailboxes will be filled with holiday photos from friends and family far and while.  Some have spent months planning matching wardrobes changes, scouting locations options, researching photographers, and deciding on a card layout.  Others, like me, forget all about getting photos taken until we get the first card in the mail right around Thanksgiving.

This year, thanks to Jessica Helton, you have just enough time to win this raffle – supporting our adoption – schedule a photo session and order your holiday cards!  For only $2 per ticket, or $5 for three tickets you can win a chance to win a free photography session with a talented friend of mine, Jessica Helton.  She has graciously donated an hour of her skilled time to help bring home Baby Hicks.

To purchase a ticket, simply click here to go to paypal, sign in to your account, enter my very first email address ever (don’t laugh): rickieretardo@hotmail.com (thanks to an old family nickname), and enter the amount for how ever many tickets you would like to purchase.

Then, on November 19th at 7pm, I’ll draw the winner.  So hurry and purchase your tickets if you’re interested in this great chance to sit for your photos with Jessica.  Use it right away for Christmas pictures, or save it for another upcoming big event in your life.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us.

Jessica Helton Photography


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