So, I had every intention of working on my remaining January goals of posting about my new cleaning plan or my capsule wardrobe, but I got sidetracked.  So, instead of posting about one of those, I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been distracted with…

Every time I thought about working on my January goals I ended up daydreaming about our nursery.  We’re still waiting…and waiting… on our home study for our adoption, but we’ve already started getting the nursery settled.  We’re in that awful WAITING period that never seems to end with adoption.  And all I can do to help pass the time is prepare for when our baby will arrive.

We thought an “adventure theme” was very fitting for our family because of how our baby will be joining our family, and the road we’ve traveled to get here.  (You can see my pinterest board for it here.)  So, first we painted the room a beautiful taupe from Benjamin Moore – the only paint my hubby will use.  At first I was nervous, it seemed darker than I was expecting, but now I LOVE IT!!!  In fact, I might use it in another room or two later.

Foxy PullsWe wanted to reuse things we already had as much as possible.  So, we took the old white dresser that I grew up with and painted it a beautiful jade green.  Then I had some fun with a sander and some distressing glaze.  It gave it an old, shabby chic type of look.  I ordered these beautiful fox drawer pulls from Anthropologie, and now it’s PERFECT.  It’s a long, low dresser that will provide plenty of storage and a great top for a changing pad.

My hubby’s Grandma made him a beautiful patchwork quilt for a High School graduation gift.  He loved it, he loved it so much it was falling apart.  We had taken it back to her to see if she could repair it and she said it should just be thrown away.  Ahhh…that’s awful, there was no way I could do that, so I just folded it up and kept it in a drawer till later.

Shortly after we moved to South Carolina I cut some of the quilt off and made some throw pillows for our couch.  But we still had so much of the beloved quilt waiting for another purpose.  Finally, it hit me as we were dreaming about the nursery…window valances!

Vintage ValanceSo, my talented hubby made me some boxes and helped me staple the quilt to the boxes.  We hung them up on Sunday and they looked amazing!  It’s going to coordinate so well with the adventure theme, without being too theme-y themed.

We also hung a beautiful oil painting by my Great Grandmother, one that she painted of the mountains and some wildlife.

Our adventure is coming together, with the taupe, the green, the patchwork, the painting, the playful foxes and a beautiful wooden glider…now if we could just move on to our next step…the home study.

Waiting is the worst.

But as we wait, I can’t help but think where the other part to our story is right now.  I’m kinda hoping for an open adoption, which can have so many different meanings…but basically, I’m hoping to have some type of relationship with our child’s birth mom, and having her be a part of our child’s life.

And in this waiting, I wonder where she is right now, is she already pregnant or is that still in her future?  I wonder what type of relationship we will have, and what type of relationship she will have with our child.  I wonder what type of woman she will be.  One thing I do know though, she will be a strong, courageous woman…cause that is what it takes to trust someone else with raising your child.

I’ve begun praying for her already, because even though I know the heartache I have now, I cannot imagine her heartache later.  Her agony of letting go, while at the same having hope that someone else might provide a better life for her child.  It’s a decision I do not envy, but one I whole heartedly respect…how much easier it would have been for her to have let go much sooner and put an end to her pregnancy.

It’s a life that is meant to be.  One that we were meant to wait for.  One that is meant to bring two women together in one amazing way.  One amazing story that will join many lives.

And so, we wait.

We pray, we prepare, and we wait.


5 thoughts on “Sidetracked

  1. “theme-y themed” haha. I can totally hear you saying this out loud.

    We’re all waiting with you, hoping with you, and admiring the way you repurposed that quilt.

  2. I LOVE all the handmade items for the nursery.

    I also love that you are praying for your baby’s first mom and family already. We hope to one day have an open relationship with Harper’s first family, but for now we pray that their grieving period has been as peaceful as possible. I love her first family every day for loving her enough to make a horribly difficult decision! ❤️ We are all here to wait with you!

  3. What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. I’m waiting with you with tons of support and prayers for your little family. God has a plan and I am excited about meeting this new little bundle of joy that will ener your life in the near future.

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