Mondays Menagerie {12}

A quick weekly wrap up of all the random things I’ve been enjoying this past week.  Things I loved, or learned something from, things I think you might enjoy too.  I hope you appreciate them as well…and so, here are my weekly top 5 favorite things:

Weekly Top 5 Favorite Things
Weekly Top 5 Favorite Things

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, let alone a Mondays Menagerie.  But I thought this week it’d be a fun way to share the things I’m loving on this new adventure called motherhood.

1. This book that helped us get Ace to sleep through the night by 9 weeks, On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep.  It also helped us prepare for all the little growth spurts that I’d never heard about, but where right on the money.  Poor Ace’s day 10 growth spurt was the worst so far.

2. A month of cloth diaper trial by Ivy’s Diaper Service.  I’ve always been curious to try cloth diapers, the amount of money they save is just too appealing to me to not give it a shot.  But to dish out a ton of money only to hate it, and not knowing which style or brand of cloth diaper I would like kept me from jumping in.  Then, I found a trial service where you can try out several different styles and brands for a month, and you only lose a small deposit if you hate them all and want to go with disposables.  I loved the trial, and their customer service was amazing!  And our favorite diaper….

3.  bumGenius Freetime All-In-One is our all time favorite because it’s SO easy, dries so quickly, and I don’t have to stuff it like a Pocket Diaper.  It’s pretty much just as easy as a disposable diaper, just slightly different to adjust to at first.  Our second favorite is bumGenius Flip and the inserts for it (which are much cheaper on Ivy’s).  We also use these prefolds in the Flip covers, but I like the Flip inserts better.  I like the Flips because they are much cheaper, and you can re-use the cover several times throughout the day and just swap out the insert.  Maybe I’ll do a post later on how I use the cloth diapers, and show you just how easy they are.

4.  Baby Bandana Bibs.  They are so stinkin’ cute!  I made a bunch thanks to White & Bright blog here with a great pattern and instructions.

5.  And the one thing I don’t think I could do without now…Amazon Prime.  I love how I can get something so fast without paying shipping, and without having to load up Ace and run out, especially since it’s a good 20-40 minutes to anything other than a grocery store.  It’s also been great to play around with the Prime Music and download free playlists for our Blues loving babe.


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