Simple August Challenge

Looking for an easy way to de-clutter your space while having some fun? Play a game with me in August!  It’s called the 30-day Minimalism Game.

IMG_2391I have a wonderful, creative friend I met through roller derby who is constantly challenging me in different ways.  And today just happens to be her birthday!!!  So…HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOLDIE!!!!

First it was to take an online hand lettering course.  And pushing and challenging each other through graphic design as we promoted our team together.  Encouraging each other through a Whole30 challenge.  And then an “impulse savings” group that is always challenging us to save more and spend less.  And now…we’ve accepted a new challenge, the 30-day minimalism game.

Although my dear hubby is a little scared about all the things I might get rid of, I’m excited for this month-long challenge.  It’s simple: each day of the month you get rid of that many items.  So, since today is the 29th, you’d get rid of 29 items.  You can donate them, give them away or trash them, it doesn’t matter as long as they are out of your house.

You can join in the fun too! Start with me, on August 1st, to simplify your life.

You can start small, it doesn’t have to be huge items.  You can get rid of 29 old magazines cluttering up your space.  It can be anything!  What will you get rid of?

Want to play? Use #MinsGame on Twitter or Instagram so I can follow along with you.


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