Monday Menagerie {14}

A quick wrap up of all the random things I’ve been enjoying recently.  Things I loved, or learned something from, things I think you might enjoy too.  I hope you appreciate them as well…and so, here are my weekly(-ish) top 5 favorite things:

1.  Well first off, I’m loving the #minsgame which came from a post over at The Minimalists.  I’m getting amazing feedback and comments from friends and strangers…which is SO FUN!  I love that tons of people are joining me in August for this challenge to de-clutter areas of our lives, get rid of some of the chaos, and enjoy life more.  And I’m loving all the free space I’m able to create in my home.

2. The Art of Simple.  It’s a blog I recently stumbled upon, that comes with a whole community of like-minded writers and a podcast.  I love podcast!  So I’ve been stalking the different writers, to see which ones I definitely want to follow on twitter or instagram.  And I’ve been listening to the podcast.  Right now, I’m listening to the one with Shauna Niequist…love her!

3. The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner.  I had heard of this book and Jessica before on The Lively Show, another podcast I love.  And so when I heard about the book again on The Simple Show podcast I wanted to put it on my Amazon wish list.  But I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention while I was doing that and I ended up purchasing the book.  I didn’t realize what happened until a day later when I received a delivery notification.  Whoops!  But I’m excited to get started reading it.

4. An old favorite that we brought back to the table this week, I call it my Grown Up Grilled Cheese.  It’s so simple, and so good, I’m not sure why it had been so long since we had it.  It’s a grilled cheese sandwich with mozzarella cheese, a layer of fresh spinach, and a one-to-one mixture of mayo and pesto on the inside.  SO GOOD, SO EASY.

5. Television free time.  I’m itching to get back into reading more, but I don’t have enough time in my day right now.  If I can cut out one time-sucking thing, like TV, I might have more time for reading fun things like The Fringe Hours!  I can easily enjoy a whole day running around the house getting all kinds of projects done without ever turning on the TV.  But if my hubby is home, he likes it on as background noise.  The problem then is I’ll get sucked into a show and I’ll end up sitting there for hours before realizing what happened.  My goal this week…watch less TV.

Those are the things I’ve been enjoying lately.  How about you?  Show me something you’ve recently come across that you love.


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