Share Your Story

It’s been a while since I’ve let my thoughts wander here.

ValiantVulnerableScandalousIt’s not for a lack of thinking about writing again, more of a lack of direction and time. First I thought I’d write about the new adventures in parenting, now that we’ve been blessed with a wonderful gift through adoption.  But there are so many other parenting and lifestyle blogs out there, and it just didn’t seem like me.  Plus I kept feeling like there was something else out there I was supposed to write about.

And so I pondered, I journaled, and I prayed.  And I kept coming back to infertility, loss and adoption…pretty much the three things I was thinking about and going through when I started this blog.  I feel like I am supposed to keep writing about those things.  To help share the burden of pain and grieving.  To offer encouragement, and hope – which comes only from Jesus Christ.  And to somehow build a community, to help others who are in the middle of the mess connect and realize, in this isolating time, you are NOT ALONE.
In the past, infertility, loss and adoption have been almost taboo topics. But there is so much healing in sharing our pain. It takes a lot of strength to become vulnerable with each other. But that’s just what I’m encouraging you to do…tell someone what you’re going through.  Click here to read our story.

I’m looking for others who are willing to share their story.  Is that you?  If you’d like to share your story of loss, infertility, or adoption (any part of the adoption triangle), please contact me.




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