Why I Stopped Buying Dryer Sheets

If you’re like me, you might have seen things here and there about all the “chemicals” we have in our home…and then skimmed right over them.  Well, about a year or so ago, I started looking into it just a tiny bit more.  Now I’m not super crunchy, nor do I have a very scientific (or mathematical) brain, so a lot of this kinda stuff goes right over my head.  But I do know one thing, one of my Grandmother passed away due to Alzheimer’s, the other one had breast cancer, one of my Grandfathers had Diabetes, and the other one survived a brain tumor but lost suddenly to a heart issue.  And if environmental toxins contribute to any of that, I would like to avoid as many as possible.

So about a year or so ago I started my slow journey to detox our home, and I started in the laundry room.  My first step was to stop purchasing dryer sheets.  Why did I start there?  It was the easiest step with the biggest impact.  Look at the junk that’s in those little things:

  1. Known carcinogens (<– that means they cause cancer) and skin & eye irritants: Benzyl Acetate, Chloroform, and Dichlorobenzene.  (used to make paint thinners…yuck!)
  2. Can cause some serious damage to the respiratory and nervous system: Benzyl Alcohol, Camphor, Alpha-Terpineol, and Biodegradable Cationic Softeners
  3. Listed on the EPA’s “hazardous waste” list…umm, that doesn’t sound good! Ethanol (which is also highly flammable) and Ethyl Acetate
  4. General yuckiness like loss of muscular coordination, headaches, nausea, dizziness, loss of consciousness: Linalool and Pentane.

So, what do you do instead of dryer sheets?  I purchased these dryer balls.  They keep clothes fluffy and help them dry faster, saving energy.  I add about a 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the wash which helps with static.  And I add a few drops of my favorite essential oils to my dryer balls to give it that fresh scent that I love.

If you’d like to ditch your dryer sheets too, order three of your favorite Young Living Essential Oils with me and I’ll give you a great set of 4 dryer balls for FREE!  My favorite three laundry combo are lemon, lavender and peppermint– which is also a great combo for seasonal issues.

Ready to get started with your own Premium Starter Kit? Click here and join our fun oily team for support with questions, ideas, tips and tricks.


2 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Buying Dryer Sheets

  1. Awesome! We are almost completely detoxed…..the only remaining “fragrance” or other chemicals are in Robert’s deodorant…..haven’t quite convinced him to use my DIY stuff 🙂 I just threw away the remaining parabens that were just being stored for no good reason….sad one that I just have been learning about is paraffin wax….totally switching to bees wax 🙂

    1. That’s great! I’m definitely in the beginning stage of clearing out chemicals, I’m just taking it slow and using up what we currently have and replacing as I go. I’m focusing on cleaning/laundry stuff and makeup/skin care things right now.

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