Walking Past Distractions

This is the final post in a three post series, part one: Less Than Land and part two: Walking Away From Less-Than Land

When we first rescued our boxer-mastiff Mosephine she was pretty wild.  John had to hold the leash when we’d go on walks, cause I’m pretty sure she’d rip my arm out of the socket.  But soon we discovered a little product called a “Gentle Leader.”  She became so much calmer and easier to walk.  Now she fully trusts us and walks right beside us without pulling on the leash at all.

I think sometimes we’re like Moe was when we first got her, trying to pull in all kinds of different directions, trying to slip the leash and run wherever we want.  But we have the real Gentle Leader if we choose to follow Him.  He wants to take a long, slow walk together, to have a relationship of trust.

But so often we miss out on that deep relationship He longs for, because we don’t have time.  We’re too busy checking off our to-do lists, putting out fires and just trying to make it through the day.

What the enemy can’t ruin with destruction, he’ll wreck with distractions.

We’re supposed to “do it all for God’s glory,” but how can you really do all those things well, to glorify Him?  We try to do too much.  We pack our schedules too full.  We need to focus on what’s important, day-in and day-out, in our crazy lives where we are desperate for simplicity…we need to find our rest in Him.

But it’s not easy, the enemy doesn’t want us to find that rest, that trust, that relationship with God.  So it’s a battle.  You have to want it enough to work for it, to run after it, to make it a priority.

Matthew 6:33 says that we should seek God first, and He will give you all you need.  And so, I leave you with this challenge: what is one thing you can reduce or eliminate so that you can spend just a little bit more time with God.


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