Consequences of Taking the Reins

Have you ever felt as though God was leading you in a certain direction, or gave you a specific promise or calling for your life…and yet, you were (or are) still waiting for that to become a reality?

When you feel confident that God has spoken to you and shared with you a bit of His vision for your life, and the blessings He has in store, it’s easier to trust in Him when things get a little tough.  Cause ultimately, there is a purpose.  But after a while, when you don’t see that promise come to life it’s even easier to lose heart and become discouraged.

We begin to think, “maybe if I do this, or that, it’ll happen.”  And we try to manipulate things in order to receive His blessings.  We try to take control – after all, we know better right?  Ha!

God had promised Abram heirs…not just one, but as numerous as the stars!  And yet, he and his wife Sarai remained childless.

Fast forward ten years, ten years!  We get impatient if things don’t happen the way we want within an hour…how about ten years!  After ten years of waiting for God’s promised child, Sarai takes matters into her own hands.  “The Lord has kept me from having children.  Go, sleep with my maidservant; perhaps I can build a family through her.” (Genesis 16:2)

Sarai and Abram didn’t trust what God has said He would do for them, and so they tried to make it happen on their own.  But it just brings more heartache.  What was once probably a friendship turned into bitterness and jealousy…all because she tried to fix the “problem” herself.

What promise, purpose, or calling has God given you that you are holding onto too tightly?  What blessing are you turning into a curse because you are trying to control it?  Release the reins, allow the Lord to lead you again into His blessings with His perfect timing.

Lord, I don’t want to be like Sarai in chapter 16, where she takes matters into her own hands.  I want your blessing, not a curse, or more heartache.  Lord, please make it clear to me where Your will is, and where I start trying to take matters into my own hands.  Help me realize that, and turn back to You.

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