August Favorites

To simplify things all around a bit more, I decided to make a monthly favorites list instead of a weekly one….which wasn’t happening anyways.  So, here is a quick list of what I’ve been enjoying in August….

  1. I’ve been daydreaming of a kitchen remodel, for when we expand our house a tiny bit.  These funny prints from Silhouette Design Store have me cracking up, and they just might make it into the new kitchen.  We’ll be adding an entryway, a living room, and a garage.  Then what is our current living room will become our kitchen and what is our kitchen will become a dining/sun room.
  2. The Basic Essentials Roller Bottle Class I put together using all the oils in the Starter Kit, giving people the opportunity to try oils out for themselves.  I’ve been having a blast and getting lots of great feedback.
  3. Looking up and trying some DIY Green Cleaning Recipies to cut costs and remove more and more chemicals in our house.
  4. Last month special was Cedarwood Essential Oil, and I’ve been really enjoying it.
  5. cute little backpack I got for our little man, to downsize our diaper bag.  Bonus: He can learn to carry it himself!
  6. Our new Amazon Fire Sticks.  We ditched our cable company and went with streaming.  Now we have Sling, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.  We’re saving money and have more than enough to watch.  I love how easy the Fire Sticks make it to switch between things, play music, scroll through pictures from my phone and even watch YouTube on the big screen.
  7. There is a reason this book is the #1 Best Seller right now…it’s so good.  Present Over Perfect is just what I needed.  Now, if I could find more time to read it!
  8. Resting.  I’m trying to be much more intentional with resting.  I recently took a personality test that talked about how important rest (and self-care) was for my personality.  It said that by making sure I get that time, I’ll be less likely to have grumpy mood swings that I regret later.  So…that’s what I’m doing…right now!  I’m sitting by myself in a local cafe.
  9. My Day Designer planner.  While this isn’t new in August, I did try to go without it for August.  I tried to go more digital so that I wouldn’t feel like I needed to carry it around.  But I’m back, there is just something about seeing plans and day dreaming in black and white – and physically crossing something off when it’s done.  Love it.
  10. I’m loving simplifying my grocery list with repeating menus.  Wednesday are sandwich night, Tuesdays are tacos (of course!), Thursday are “on your own” cause I work way past dinner, and Friday is family pizza night – a tradition our family has had since I was little.  Making this conscious change has helped me get over the mental block of deciding what to make, which stops me from going to the grocery store.  Now I really only have to decide what we’re going to eat on Monday night and maybe one night over the weekend.

Well, those are just a few of my favorite things.  How about you?  What is one thing you’ve really been loving lately?


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