September Favorites

Is it really October already?  Wow, September really flew by.  It was still hot here, so most of the days were spent indoors, but now…now, it’s finally cooling down!  Now, it’s finally feeling like fall.  And fall is my favorite!!!

For someone who is trying to be more present, I sure can’t remember much of what I did in September.  Guess I need to finish reading Present Over Perfect.  Even though not much stands out from September, here are the highlights I think you might enjoy too…

  1. I know I’ve shared about the crazy oils that I’ve started using, and how much I love them – probably so much that you’re tired of hearing about it.  Well, too bad.  This is my blog, and I get to write about whatever I want.  I am loving this oily journey so much, and believe they can change other people’s lives as well – why would you not share something like this!  But something that I didn’t expect when I started using oils was the new friendships I’d form.  I am surprised and really loving these new wonderful friendships that are developing on this journey.
  2. img_7733One thing I definitely remember from September was me and my hubby’s 12th anniversary.  We splurged a bit more than usual and got away to the mountains for a weekend.  We used my favorite resource for finding a place to stay: airbnb.  We found a great condo on the top of a mountain with gorgeous views for a super great rate.  I love airbnb, any chance I get to stay and experience a new place more like a local than a tourist, I’m all in!  I would highly recommend it.
  3. Since we were staying at a condo with a furnished kitchen, I wanted to save some money and bring some meals so we didn’t have to eat out all the time.  I was searching for ideas and came across these breakfast burritos which were a bit hit and so filling.  The hubby requested we make them all the time…so I guess they’re pretty good.  I made them ahead of time, froze them, and then popped them into the fridge once we got to the condo.  They quickly warmed up in the oven each morning, with no mess…perfect vacation breakfast.
  4. One thing I am really loving and am hoping to get one for myself soon, is this diffuser.  It’s art I can put my oils in to enjoy their health benefits.

Well, those are just a few of my favorite things from September.  How about you?  What is one thing you’ve really been loving lately?

These are all my personal opinions that I’m passing along to you in case you are interested as well.  These are not affiliate links, and this is not a sponsored post.


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