New Year with New Roles

In December my life changed quite a bit. I began a new adventure which I’m still trying to figure out.  After serving eight years at a wonderful local church here in town, and several years in the ministry before that, I stepped away from that role to pursue something new.  And I’m really excited as this new year begins to continue figuring things out.

My hope is to spend more time, and have more flexibility for family while at the same time pursuing some big-heart dreams.

For a long time I’ve felt like I’m missing out on family time on Sundays and a lot of big holidays because I’ve been working.  We haven’t been able to travel like we’d hope because of work hours.  And although the church was always accomodating to any scheduling needs for me, this just frees me up even more.

Plus, I’ve felt more and more that some of my gifts were being under-utilized, and I felt God calling me to step out and pursue those more.  And so, I’m excited to begin this new journey to see what He’s got in store.

I’m still trying to figure out what this looks like, practically speaking, and how to make the budget work by the end of each month.  But I guess that’s part of the trusting.  Big picture dream is to eventually do mostly freelance work writing, sketching, graphic design, and some virtual assistance – and continue growing and learning about these amazing essential oils Young Living offers, and the amazing business opportunity there.  In the meantime, I am lucky enough to have another part-time work-at-home position available to me through my great little sister.

Becoming a mother has been such a wonderful gift, and something I’m thankful for each and every day.  But one thing I was not expecting when I began this journey was the tension between working and staying at home.  Some days I think all I want to do is stay home and be a mom.  Other days I think I might go crazy if I do that!  So this new hybrid of life might be perfect for me…but I’m still working out the kinks.  (Something tells me though, that I’ll be working out the kinks for the rest of my life.)

In order to be productive, a few days a week I’m lucky to be able to send my wild man off to “YaYa” (my mother), or another wonderful friend who calls herself “Nanny” to the little ones.  And with the flexible work hours, those days can be pretty fluid, and I love that freedom.

On top of all of those changes, I’m continually pursuing lessHUSTLE.  Christmastime always brings it out of me – I always want to purge and minimize all-the-things come January.  I don’t know if it’s the visual or mental clutter that overwelms me the most during this time of year.  But cleaning, removing physical things (from the house), and mental things (from my to-do list and calendar) always seems to help me begin the year.

So in 2017, I’m hoping to re-discover my creative side, continue to remove some of the clutter in my life, work towards being the best wife and mother I can be, and make sure I’m taking care of me in order to make all of that happen.

What are YOU focusing on in 2017? Do you have any big changes in your life?



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