19 Ways To Declutter Your Digital Life

After discovering The Minimalist Game last year and having a blast cleaning out the physical things in my life, it got me thinking about other clutter.  The biggest being my digital clutter.
I love connecting with people and building relationships and finding inspiration online.  But, I’m also noticing a constant sense of overwhelming…I can never seem to keep up with what my friends are posting, read all the blogs I love to follow, or finish all the great projects I pin.  And yet, I feel those things just sitting over me, waiting and wanting my attention.
I’m realizing just how much time I waste sitting in front of a computer screen, catching up on all those things.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all those blogs I follow, and seeing what my friends are doing on my Twitter and Facebook feeds, and seeing beautiful inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.  But in keeping up with those “commitments” I am missing out on real life.
Other needed tasks and projects get pushed aside or delayed because I’ve gotten distracted for hours online.  I didn’t clean my house when it needed it, because I was distracted online.  I didn’t get to the grocery store, cause I couldn’t come up with a grocery list, cause I was overwhelmed with options of new recipes to try on Pinterest…so we ate fast food too often that week.
So, I’ve come up with a list of digital clutter in my life to clean up and reduce.  My goal is to take the month of February and work my way through this list.  Some tasks might take a few days, while a couple other tasks might be accomplished together in one day.  Will you join me?  #IncreaseLifeOffline
  1. Look through who you’re following on Twitter.   Think about how you are using Twitter, is it to keep up with friends, to network, to find inspiration, for work, etc?  Is there any you can/should unfollow?
  2. Look through your friends on Facebook.  Think about how you are using Facebook, is it to keep up with friends, to network, to find inspiration, for work, etc? Is there any you can/should unfriend?  Something that mainly happens on Facebook is the toxic post.  Think through any toxic posting people, although the person might be a good friend, maybe it’s time to unfollow them and remove their posts from your feed, spending time with them in person instead.
  3. Look through who you’re following on Instagram.  Think about how you are using Facebook, is it to keep up with friends, to network, to find inspiration, for work, etc?
  4. Look through who you’re following on Pinterest.  Are they still pinning things you are interested in?
  5. Do you follow any blogs on a reader (RSS, Feedly, Bloglovin’, etc)?  Look through your blogs, are they all still current? Are there any you can unfollow?  Is a reader you clear out most efficient for you, or would it be better to bookmark those blogs and visit them directly?
  6. Do you have any old electronics around the house you don’t use anymore? Donate or trash those.
  7. Do you have old electronics cords you’re not using any more? Get rid of them, or organize them with labels for what they go with so you know when you can get rid of them.
  8. Do you have any cases for digital devices that you are no longer using? Donate them or trash them.
  9. Look through your phone, are there any applications you are no longer using on phone or iPad? Get rid of them, and free up some space.
  10. Clean up space on your phone.  If you have an iPhone, you might have noticed the “other” file type when you sync your phone.  Mine was starting to take up the majority of my space and I wasn’t even able to take pictures, until I did this: full back-up, completely delete all data, and then restore.
  11. Develop a digital photo storage plan that works for you.
  12. Unsubscribe to emails.
  13. Clean out all your email inboxes.  Bring them to zero, by responding, deleting or filing all emails. Then, work daily or weekly to keep it that way.
  14. Make technology work for you!  Visit IFTTT and see if there are any “recipes” you can use to help simplify your life.
  15. If you sleep with your phone by your bedside, consider setting up the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your phone.  I currently have mine set for 10pm – 7am, but am thinking about extending that time so I can be less distracted during family time in the evening.
  16. Check on the notifications you have set on computer, are there any you can turn off, to help with distraction.  Or are there any you can turn on to help ease your mind and make your life better.
  17. Same with the notifications on phone, check those, and make sure they are working for you.  I recently turned off almost all of my notifications on my phone, it was strange to get used to at first – I’d look at my phone and think there was nothing to check because I didn’t see any notifications.  Then I remembered I’d turned them off.  It’s so much nicer checking in on things on my time rather than feeling the need to respond to something when my phone dings.
  18. Set up ONE to do list.  Having multiple lists or post-it notes scattered about is about as good as having no list at all.
  19. If you have Evernote, Pocket, or any other place where you keep information, clean those out too.

Let me know if you’re decluttering your life, whether it’s digital/mental or physically clearing things out.  Both are so freeing, and help you save time in your day-to-day life. Tag your posts #IncreaseLifeOffline and show me how you’re freeing up time to be more present in your day.


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