19 Ways To Declutter Your Digital Life

After discovering The Minimalist Game last year and having a blast cleaning out the physical things in my life, it got me thinking about other clutter.  The biggest being my digital clutter. I love connecting with people and building relationships and finding inspiration online.  But, I’m also noticing a constant sense of overwhelming…I can never seem … More 19 Ways To Declutter Your Digital Life


 It’s been a while since I actually sat down and wrote down some thoughts.  I guess I’ve really been taking my #lessHUSTLE post back in September to heart and really trying to slow down.  Plus, I was busy getting ready for a women’s retreat in October, so that took up a lot of brain cells, and … More Quiet

Checking Back In On My Summer Bucket List

The fall is my busy season.  This year, although I saw it coming and prepared diligently, it has still hit me hard. I’ve been so overwhelmed lately, working on projects from home until the late hours, or coming home exhausted mentally, physically, and spiritually, that I haven’t wanted to do anything but head to bed.  Sometimes … More Checking Back In On My Summer Bucket List

Less Hustle

Recently I’ve been pondering the idea of #HUSTLE.  I’ve seen it around more and more.  It’s usually seen as a positive thing.  And usually, when someone is talking about it, they use the term: side hustle.  Meaning…something they do on the side of their “real” job.  This #HUSTLE is usually a passion they have, that … More Less Hustle

Summer Bucket List

I’ve wanted to make a summer bucket list for a while now, and just haven’t sat down to do it.  Today seemed like the perfect chance.  I’m sure I’ve missed some important ones, and I’m sure I’ll want to add on to my list as the summer goes on.  And so, in no particular order: … More Summer Bucket List