Essential Oils

Experiencing oils for yourself is the best way to see if they’re right for you.  Every BODY is different and reacts to things differently.  To me, oils are getting back to the natural healing God provided us when He made the earth.  There are so many uses for each oil, so you have to play and find out what works best for you – but experimenting with them is the fun part.

Ditch the dryer sheet toxins and replace them with essential oils and dryer balls. | www.halfagonyandhope.comI started using YL Essential Oils in 2014. I’d been using a special scented candle during my devotionals since about 2001 as a way to focus and feel connected to God faster. Then I realized I should be using that smell more often as a way to remain in His presence throughout the day.   I had recently learned about all the toxic chemicals in dryer sheets and wanted to switch to wool dryer balls.  And I decided I wanted to scent the dryer balls and our laundry with the same scent as that special candle.  So I purchased some peppermint and eucalyptus oils from my friend.  At first, that was all I planned to use them for, but I soon learned that the therapeutic oils could do so much more.  Now I mainly use Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint with my dryer balls – especially in the spring to help relieve seasonal issues.  So I took the plunge this year to learn even more and get rid of more toxic chemicals in our house, and I’m loving it!

So What Are Essential Oils?

How To Use Essential Oils

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