How To Use Essential Oils

There are 3 basic ways – Aromatically, Internally, and Topically.

7Aromatically – cupping (put oil on hands and place over nose and mouth…breath), in a diffuser, on felt/cotton for car fresheners/closet or dresser, in personal diffusers (jewelry), in a spray bottle, on collars on toilet paper roll etc. What is your favorite oil to diffuse?

Internally – When I speak about ingesting I am ONLY talking about Young Living oils. I cannot speak to the quality of other oils, You can add oils to water (be sure to shake before each drink or add a pinch of salt to help mix the oil and water), NingXia Red, Tea or honey and also with cooking. You can also put them in a Vegetable capsule and take internally.

Topically – It takes about 20 minutes for an essential oil to reach every cell in your body when it is rubbed onto your skin. Crazy right! The pores on the soles of our feet are very big and have great absorption! Keep that in mind next time you’re walking barefoot on floors cleaned with toxic cleaners or yard chemicals that you, your kids or your pets may walk on. The pores on our feet absorb a lot!!

Feet are a great way to save your oils as well!! Especially for the more expensive ones OR if you’re trying to support a large part of your body like a healthy digestive system! The instep of your foot is much smaller than your whole belly!!

Why are these essential oils so special?

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